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What Does it Cost to Sell My Home in Greeley, Colorado?

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If you’re considering selling your home in Northern Colorado, it is great to know what to expect in terms of cost. This post will provide you with some basic guidelines, but if you’re interested in additional detail, numbers specific to your home, and also want to know how much your home is worth, we will be happy to help you. You can simply fill out this home value request form.

With that said, here are some basic guidelines.

What are the common selling costs of a house in Greeley?

There are many costs that most sellers do not consider when they list their house. There are real estate commissions that must be paid, but other costs as well. We try to disclose all possible costs before listing a home and provide a net sheet that lists all the possible costs. All costs described in this article are estimates, but can they give you a ballpark idea.

Title Insurance

This cost varies based on the price of the home, but for the median home in Greeley (about $200,000), you can expect around $1,000.

Tax Certificate, Overnight Fee, and Recording Fees

Approximately $30 depending on if you have a loan or not.

Prorated Taxes

Taxes vary, however, you will need to pay taxes for the portion of the year you lived at the home. A good way to estimate is to look at your property tax bill from last year. If you plan on selling the home in June, you would pay half of that amount (since you’d be in the home only the first half of the year). In other words, you share the taxes with the buyer, based on when the sale occurs. In some cases you may have already paid for the years taxes in that case you would get a refund from the title company for the portion already paid.

Water and Sewer

When you sell your house in Greeley, the title company will hold back an escrow amount for the water and sewer. The city will not give a final water bill before closing, so the title company will hold back $100 to $300 in most cases and pay the bill after closing. Any money that is not used, is returned to the seller.

Title company closing fee

In Colorado most transactions involve a title company and real estate agents. Attorney’s are rarely used, unlike some other states where attorney’s conduct the closing. The title company charges a fee to conduct the closing, which is usually split between the seller and buyer. The fee’s can range from $150 to $800 or more depending on the title company. Our title company charges on the low end and does an excellent job.

Buyer’s closing costs

Many buyer’s require the seller to pay part of their closing costs in order to buy a home. Some buyer’s do not have a lot of cash and they may have enough money for the down payment, but not the loan costs like origination fee, appraisal, credit check and more. The loan costs for the buyer are often called closing costs and are not to be confused with the closing fee the title company charges.

It is not required that the seller pay the buyer’s closing costs, but many times in order to get the most money for your house it is wise accept offers that include closing costs. Closing costs can be 2, 3 or even 4 percent of the selling price. However, in some cases the buyer may be willing to offer more than the list price of the home in order to have the seller pay closing costs.

Real estate agent commissions

One of the biggest costs of selling a home are real estate agent commissions. Many people feel agent commissions are high for the work done, but there is a lot of behind the scene work done by agents. Valuing a home is also one of the most important jobs an agent can do and if a home is valued wrong, it can cost much more than the real estate commission amount. Here is an article on why real estate agents are so valuable. Real estate commissions van vary greatly depending on the services offered. There are no set commissions for real estate agents and they can be negotiated. For a point of reference HUD offers a 3 percent commissions to the listing agent and a 3 percent commissions to the buyers agent on their properties.

It is important to remember that when you try to sell a home yourself, most buyers will still be represented by an agent. The seller typically pays the real estate commissions for both agents and even though your home is for sale by owner you still may have to pay half of the total commission to the buyers agent.

What are the total costs when you sell a house?

There are many costs when you sell a house, but you have to remember buying and selling houses is the biggest transaction most people will make in their lives. It is important to use professionals as mistakes can cost well more than the money saved when you try to do the work yourself. It can cost 4 to 10 percent of the sales price to sell a house. This seems like a lot of money to many people, but when you bought the house the seller of the house paid for many of your costs to buy like the real estate agent commissions.

The system is set up this way, because buyer’s typically have less cash and the more assistant they can get from the seller the more they can pay for houses and it creates more buyers, which increases prices for sellers.

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