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How to find a great deal on a house in Greeley, Colorado

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great deal greeley coThe market is getting hotter in most parts of the country including Greeley and Northern Colorado. Foreclosures and short sales have been decreasing, but it is still possible to get a great deal on a home in Greeley. Even though there are decreasing foreclosures, there are still foreclosures and short sales available.

How can you find a great deal in Greeley?

In this hot market we are seeing homes sell very quickly. We are also seeing multiple offers on good deals that pop up in Greeley and Weld County. It is possible to see some of the homes for sale on websites like zillow.com. But these sites can be delayed at times and not give you all the information needed on a home. A local Realtor has access to the MLS (multiple listing service) and can see properties come up for sale as soon as they are listed. A Realtor can also set up alerts that automatically email a new listing to buyers.

How do you know if you found a great deal in Greeley?

One of a Realtors jobs is to help determine value on homes. We help homeowners set listing prices and help buyers decide what is a good deal and what is not. We see houses every day, check new listings multiple times a day and have access to recent sold properties in MLS as well. Zillow gives values on homes, but those vales are not always accurate. A Realtor can help buyers determine what fair market value is and help buyers find a great deal below market value.

Who pays for the Realtor’s Commissions and fees?

When you are a buyer looking for a home. Most of the time the seller of the home pays the commissions for the listing agent and the buyers agent. It usually costs the buyer nothing to use a Realtor to help them purchase a home. You will have to pay some costs once you get a home under contract for inspections, but nothing to the Realtor.

 How to find a lender in Greeley, Colorado

There are many great lenders in the Greeley area. One of the first things you should do as a buyer is talk to a lender to see if you qualify for a home. A Realtor can help you find a lender or you can start by talking to your personal bank. A lender will determine how much you qualify for and if there are issues holding you back, they can determine exactly what you need to do to qualify for a home.

How can you find a great Realtor in Greeley?

The good news is you have found a great Realtor or Realtors. Our team consists of 9 people and 6 licensed Realtors. We have a combined real estate experience of over 80 years in the Greeley area. We help local buyers find homes, sellers as well as banks sell their homes. We are HUD listing brokers and we list foreclosures throughout the area. That means we see some deals much quicker than other agents. We have a tremendous amount of experience helping buyers find homes, negotiate deals and complete the entire transaction smoothly.

 Is buying a HUD home different than buying a regular sale?

You may have heard of HUD homes before. HUD homes are foreclosures listed by the government and can be a fantastic deal. The truth is HUD’s system is much different than buying a regular house. You must use a HUD registered real estate agent to place bids for you. There are also many tricks to the HUD system that require a Realtor who is experienced with HUD. We know the HUD system in and out and can help buyers get a great deal in a HUD home.

What is your next step to find a home in Greeley?

If you want to see the homes available in Greeley or the surrounding area we would love to talk to you. Please give us a call or send us an email and we can get started with the buying process!

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