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The Best Features of New Homes in 2015

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Last year’s fad was all about the outdoor kitchen; this year, it is all about sustainability, open spaces, and technology. As more Millennials enter the housing market, more homes are being built to cater to what they see most fit. A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has shown that sustainable and practical features outplay the previous year’s leisure-based features.

What home features are trendy this year?

Low emission windows and Energy Star certified appliances are considered more appealing this year than media rooms and outdoor fire pits. The combination of certain rooms, like the kitchen and living room, creates an open floor plan. This promotes togetherness and is the most sought after attribute in new homes. Since our world is built around technology, and we always seem to be on-the-go, smart technologies e.g., keyless entry and programmable thermostats, are also considered some of the most desirable features.

The top 10 best features of homes in 2015:

     1. Open floor plans

Combines several rooms to create family togetherness and entertainment opportunities.

     2. Low-emissivity Windows

Low-emissivity windows have a thin, clear layer of metallic oxide coating, which creates a surface that reflects heat in the summer, and keeps heat in during the winter.  This reduces energy consumption in all seasons of the year.

     3. Energy Star Appliances

The Energy Star Label representing energy efficiency and sustainability. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certifies the appliances based on certain specifications. For more information about Energy Star, visit www.energystar.gov

     4. High, Nine-Foot+ Ceilings

High ceilings create a sense of elegance and more space in any room.

     5. Separate Laundry Room

Having a separate laundry room allows for more living space and a more quiet environment.

     6. Hardwood Floors

Endless quality, durability, added value over time and a sense of permanence are just a few of many reasons why hardwood floors are so desirable.

     7. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are not susceptible to scratches from knives and other utensils. Granite also resists heat and takes normal wear and tear very nicely so they will stay looking new for a very long time if installed the proper way.

     8. Device Charging Station

Society runs off of smartphones, tablets and computers. Having a central hub where you and your family can charge all of their devices reduces clutter and promotes organization.

     9. Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats help reduce energy costs. Most thermostats have adjustable presets for certain times of the day. You can also control these devices right from your smartphone which gives you complete control of your thermostat all day long.

     10. Multiple Master Suites

Homes with multiple master suites are becoming more desirable because of the added privacy and comfort for young adults, guests or in-laws.

Tell us: What are your favorite features of your new home?

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