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Top Halloween Decorating Tips for 2015

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Halloween is just around the corner and that means outrageous decorations, pumpkin carving, and lots and lots of candy. It is the only night where scaring people and their children is encouraged. Whether you like to go for the creepy vibe, the jump scare, or the downright horrifying, there are thousands of decorating ideas that can accomplish what you want to do.

Here is a list of some of the best Halloween decorating tips for your home:

     1. Eerie Living Room

Cover your furniture with white sheets to add a haunted look to your home. Create some extra creepy vibes by using fake spider web to cover mirrors or photographs. If you’re feeling really freaky, craft some floating candles by using old paper towel rolls, LED tea lights and paint. Hang these up and dim the lights to create a truly eerie environment.

     2. Hanging Phantom

Hanging phantoms are a great addition to any outdoor decoration. Most come equipped with a motion sensor and when it is triggered, the eyes light up, the arms move and it even makes a very menacing moaning sound. This decoration is perfect for that jump scare people love. BOO!

     3. Staged Crime Scene

Creating a fake crime scene is a classic and easy to pull off. Run to your local halloween prop store and pick up a bag of bones and some caution tape. The layout is completely up to you and you can really let your creepy side shine.

     4. Floating Ghost Heads

This decoration is sure to get some fright out of your guests. All you need is some mannequin heads and cheesecloth. You can add whatever accessories you want to your heads for an extra effect. All that’s left is to drape the cloth over the heads and hang outside your home and you are set to scare!

     5. Pumpkin Carving

There are millions of ways to carve and decorate pumpkins. The possibilities are endless so y0u can really get your creative juices flowing. Carving pumpkins is a Halloween classic and will always be one of our favorites to spice up your home for the holiday.

     6. Outdoor Spider Webs

What’s scarier than a bunch of spiders? A ginormous spider! Give folks the impression that a giant poisonous predator is present in your front yard. Pick up some bags of fake spider webs and hang off of anything you can. If you really want to add to the unnerving atmosphere, you can pick up a helpless cocoon victim off of Amazon or your local Halloween store.

     7. Scarecrows

Maybe it is just me, but scarecrows work better on me than they do actual crows. Create a straw dummy, or purchase a prop from a store and set up outside of your home. Add some spider webs or cheesecloth and a frightening head for an added effect.

Tell Us: What are some of your favorite Halloween Decorations?

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