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7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

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Spring is here and with it comes a new leaf. With the end of the winter comes a desire to brighten up your Northern Colorado home. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. Since we cannot just wish the clutter away, here are Seven Tips for Great Spring Cleaning. Some of these tips came from a great Vogue article, with a little twist of my own.

  • Make a cleaning kit
  • De-clutter your home!
  • Go room by room
  • Tackle the fridge
  • Check all the nooks and crannies
  • Coordinate (or join) a block garage sale
  • Reward yourself

Make a Spring Cleaning Kit

To be most efficient in your spring cleaning, create a kit with all the items you will need. Having a bin with all of the cleaning products, rags, brushes and trash bags will help decrease the amount of time looking around for these items. The quicker you can move from task to task the better!

Another plus side to making a cleaning kit before you begin is the downsizing you will do on your cleaning products. While you are pulling out items for your kit, look at other products you have and see what can be thrown out or used up. De-cluttering where you keep cleaning items will make you feel accomplished and will give you a great start to your spring cleaning process.

De-Clutter Your Home!

With your cleaning kit in hand start by putting loose items away and making sure you can get to the bigger problems. A major part of spring cleaning is getting rid of old, unused or ruined clothing, toys, and other household items. Like on TLC, create bins called “Trash”, “Donate or Sell”, and “Store”. Anything you will be currently using or keeping, put it away and in a proper place. Putting things you will be keeping away properly as you go will help you feel accomplished and help keep the room de-cluttered.

While de-cluttering make a potential shopping list… notice you are almost out of shampoo, put it on the list. Making a shopping list while you are cleaning is helpful so you don’t have to strain to remember later on what it was that you needed more of. At the same time consolidate, have three open boxes of fruit snacks?… Add them all together or better yet find a storage device to put all snacks into.

Go Room by Room

A major mistake made by those taking on spring cleaning is starting to big. Go room by room. Start with a room that you can finish fairly easily. The worst part of a big project is feeling like you are getting no where, so by starting with a room you can check off quickly will be a great motivator. Alternate bigger(or messier) rooms with smaller faster rooms.

Going room by room is also great if you are doing the spring cleaning over a series of days. It is easy to assign rooms to days depending on the size of the room and the amount of time you have. No one wants to be living in an “in-progress” house and by doing a room at a time, it cuts down the amount of space under construction.

Tackle the Fridge

Hopefully you are cleaning out your fridge periodically, if not start doing so! This helps keep spring cleaning time shorter and makes finding leftovers or meals easier. Opening an unknown moldy container is not exactly appetizing.

What makes spring cleaning your fridge different than the periodic cleaning is the wipe down. Take out the shelves and clean with soap and water. You can even do a vinegar water wipe down. Reorganize your fridge by type of food. Leftovers on one shelf, fruits on another, that sort of thing.

Check the Nooks and Crannies

Weekly cleaning is more like a sprint, whereas this is a marathon. This marathon needs to be incredibly thorough. Move furniture, get down in the cracks and make it shine.

You never know what may end up in the nooks and crannies, especially with kids. Thoroughly cleaning will help with ant, insect and allergy problems.

Coordinate (or join) a Block Garage Sale

While you were de-cluttering boxes were made labeled “Donate or Sell”. Spring and especially summer are the high times for garage sales. By having a block garage sale you will gain more foot traffic. If this is not an option having your own is just as great!

To make sure that nothing ends up back in your newly clean house, schedule a pick-up from ARC, Goodwill or the Salvation Army. With block garage sales they will sometime come out with a truck to gather up what is left. Or you can just drop off your items at one of their locations.

Reward Yourself

Cleaning is not fun. Unless you are the rare yet wonderful people who do enjoy cleaning… if so props to you. The house is clean, you have done some good by donating, now it is time for you. Bring a little sunshine and light into your house by adding flowers or plants.

Spring time is known for “out with the old and in with the new”, so now that you have donated or sold some items, bring something in. New painting or rug you have had your eye on? Reward yourself… you earned it. Just do not let yourself get too cluttered all over again!


Make this spring your best one yet! Be prepared for your spring cleaning by making a kit, making a game plan of rooms, and adding organization. Clean the house in an effective and strategic way so you do not get worn out too quickly. Keep in mind that one mans trash is another mans treasure, so donate what you can. And after all this hard work is done, remember to give yourself a pat on the back and maybe a little something extra.

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