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The Top 5 Attractions for Kids in Greeley Colorado

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Summer is just around the corner and that means that kids of all ages are going to be looking for fun things to do. Families of all ages and sizes, can have a great time here in Greeley, Colorado. Greeley is a great place to live, but sometimes the activities here get overlooked because of our close proximity to Fort Collins and Denver. Though both these cities are bigger… Greeley can hold its own with fun and family friendly activities. Here is a list of fun attractions, and most that won’t break the bank.

  1. The Great Outdoors
  2. For the Curious Minded
  3. Getting Active Indoors
  4. Community is Key
  5. Seasonal Fun

1. The Great Outdoors – Outdoor Attractions and Parks in Greeley

Colorado has no shortage of amazing outdoor activities and places to find adventure. Though we do not have the mountains in our backyard, we have no shortage of trails and places to go. One of the best places to walk or bike, is the Poudre River Trail. This 21-mile trial is a great place to walk along the river and see some wildlife. This trail is fairly easy to walk and has many access points.

Greeley is also home to many parks: Glenmere, Bittersweet, Sanborn and many more. All of these parks have different amenities to offer. Paved walkways, ponds or lakes, playgrounds and open spaces each of these offering many opportunities to get out and be active.

You can see the many parks in this great interactive map run by the City of Greeley:

Greeley Park Finder

Greeley Colorado Parks Finder

And the parks are a great place to hold parties. You can reserve large spaces very inexpensively using the Greeley’s Park Reservation form, which can then simply be turned in to the Greeley Recreation Center or Family FunPlex.

2. For the Curious Minded

Learning is not just for school. Greeley has no shortage of places to keep the curious of mind happy. A unique place to take the whole family is Centennial Village. This is not just any old museum but an interactive experience where you will get to step back in time and explore Greeley’s history hands on. This is great for a day outing and mixing learning with fun.

For a rainy day there are many other museums, galleries and performance halls to broaden your horizons.  More of these and much more can be found on the City of Greeley website Activities. Just walking around downtown Greeley is an adventure in itself, with all the unique shops and the tree art on every corner.

3. Getting Active in Greeley

Healthy = Happy. Being active, especially for kids is important for their well-being. Engaging in sports is a great way to keep them healthy, make new friends and build social skills. The Recreation Department of Greeley has many sports programs for kids of all ages and even adult leagues. These leagues are affordable and have different levels of competitiveness, and are also offered year-round.

There are many community centers for kids to get physically active and be active in their community. The Rodarte Center, offers after-school programs, summer camps and many recreational and volunteer opportunities. Fish in a land-locked state? Do not fret, there are plenty of pools and water parks to satisfy the water lover in your life.

4. Greeley Community Activities

Though Greeley is 100,000 people strong, this city is a fairly tight knit community. Greeley is home to the University of Northern Colorado. There are many advantages to sharing a city with today’s future. Being home to UNC is great for the community. The university puts on many events for the city and is very welcoming to Greeley’s residents to these events.

unc sign

The biggest component of community is supporting those around you, and there is no shortage of opportunities to do so. The UCCC, or the Union Colony Civic Center, puts on plays, shows and concerts for the community to enjoy. All of the high schools in Greeley also have plays and concerts throughout the year.

5. Seasonal Fun in Greeley

Colorado is a state of all seasons, sometimes even all in one day! With seasons, comes seasonal attractions. In the fall there is a haunted house, and a corn maze. In the Winter, ice skating and a holiday night lights parade. Spring has much to offer and depending on whether it has decided to be a lion or a lamb, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter festivities are held accordingly in Downtown Greeley. Summer is special because there is plenty to do and has a longer period of time to enjoy the attractions.

Downtown Greeley

Downtown Greeley

Greeley and its’ surrounding areas are home to many cowboys and cowgirls, this means there are stock shows and rodeos throughout the year. There is the Stock Show in the spring, and the Greeley Stampede Rodeo in the summer. The Stampede is a great place for kids to learn about animals and there is even a great concert series.

Many of these attractions are only here for a limited time period so catch them while they are open and make it a family tradition year to year!


Greeley may be a smaller town but it is not lacking in fun attractions for kids (and those young at heart). Making a summer fun list can be difficult if you have children with different interests. Hopefully this list of the Top 5 (types) of Attractions in Greeley will help you plan the best summer (or year) ever!

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