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The Top 5 Attractions for Kids in Windsor Colorado

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Intro to Windsor

Windsor is a small community with an even smaller hometown feel. I spent the majority of my childhood attending the parades, playing in the river, and exploring every inch that my family’s downtown shop had to explore. What some don’t realize is that Windsor is a small town with an amazing history. Maybe even more so than its close neighbor Greeley, and there are activities that highlight the history in a fun and creative way for you and your family to enjoy. So I put together five of the things that I enjoyed doing as a kid in Windsor. These are activities I still enjoy even as an adult as well. Hopefully, you and your family can take some time to learn about the surrounding towns and what they have to offer.

1. Poudre Bike Trail


photo source: (poudretrail.org)

The Poudre River runs through part of Windsor and is what we would consider a seasonal river, meaning that the strength of the current depends on the time of the year. For instance, in the spring and summer, the river swells due to the increase in rain and snow melt from the mountains. Because of this, it’s important to time your trip down the Poudre Bike Trail during the late Summer and early Fall. However, there are parts of the trail that are open year round. This trail is great for kids to let loose. They can ride bikes, run, watch wildlife, and throw rocks in the river (because let’s be honest that was all our favorite things to do as a kid). Just pack some sunscreen and mosquito spray and you are good to go. In my opinion is one of the best activities to do with the family.

To get more info on the trail and conditions click this link!

2. Windsor Lake


photo source: (windsorgov.com)

Windsor lake was a favorite of mine as a kid and has recently gained popularity with the families of Windsor. I remember sitting and watching the pelicans swim across the lake, and funny enough, the pelicans are still a visitor of Windsor Lake. Families head to the lake to spend time swimming and playing in the water. This is a great place to swim, fish, and hang out on the beach. The lake itself is man made and has been refilled in the last ten years which is good because the 100-year-old man-made lake needed some revitalization. Since then it’s been bustling with activity. So if you are looking for a free and easy way to cool down this last stretch of Summer and you haven’t visited Windsor Lake I highly recommend it.

To get more info on the lake and activities to do there click here!

3. Cozy Cow Dairy


photo source: (Facebook.com/cozycowdairy)

Baby cows are literally the cutest!! With their wet little noses and soft ears!

Ok, I am done raving about baby cows. Now I am going to rave about this local dairy that processes fresh milk, ice cream, and cheese curds. The next best thing to baby calfs is cheese… cheese that is deep fried.  Having been raised by the hand of a dairy farmer I got to experieince first hand the work that goes into this practice, and for this dairy to share that experience with you is something very special.  It was always important to my family that I understood where my food and milk came from, and therefore I got to experience all that the dairy had to offer. As an adult, I share that idea. I think it is great for kids to understand that milk and ice cream don’t have to come from Walmart!

I love supporting sustainable practices and farmers as well. So stop by and grab some freshly made ice cream and say hi to the cow who made the milk for your ice cream. They are located at 28607 CR 17 in Windsor and are open all week. Make sure to stop by on “processing day” to see how they process the milk.

For more info on times and the dariy’s products check out this link. 

4. The Summit Arcade


photo source: (thesummitwindsor.com)

The Summit Arcade is relatively new to the town of Windsor, but has become a popular destination for all ages. Between the bowling, pizza, and laser tag it makes for a fun evening. It reminds me a bit of Dave and Busters but wayyyy cheaper and less of a drive! So get together the family and get out there. Nothing says quality family time like a friendly competative game of laser tag. Loser has to buy the pizza!

Click here to get prices and times of operation!

5. Town of Windsor Museum at Boardwalk Park

Last but not least is the Windor Museum. Like I said before, Windsor is full of crazy cool history. Sadly, most of the history that Windsor had to offer has been destroyed or built over, but there are some artifacts that remain and the place to see them is at the musuem.  Some of the documents that the museum has go back over two hundred years. Some of which were found in the wall of my aunts 200 hundred year old home too!

Fun Fact: The bluff above Water Valley (that they turned into a road) used to be used as a bufflo drop for the Native Americans that lived in the area. They would run the buffalo off the cliff and harvest them for winter. Pretty neat stuff to delve into, and its a great way for you and your children to learn about the town of Windsor.


Even though Windsor is a small town there is still a plethora of things to do with your family that can help you emerse yourself into the community. To me, if it involves food or a history lesson, sign me up! I hope this inspires you too explore your surroundings and the towns that we all call home here in Northern Colorado.

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