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Top 5 Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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Congrats! You are trying to sell your home… now what? How do you go about staging your home so that it is appeasing to others, yet still feels like you can live in it? Staging homes has become an art form, and it is becoming increasingly expensive to hire a professional. Here are a few tips on how to make your home feel welcoming and homey but not too sterile.

  • Balancing out the personal touch
  • Declutter, rearrange and neutralize
  • Ambiance, Ambiance, Ambiance
  • Curb Appeal

Balancing out the personal touch

Most sites will say to remove all signs of life, however think of what you would want to see when you look at homes. A seller needs to find a balance between leaving it as is and making it too sterile. A buyer needs to walk into your home and be able to imagine their pictures and furniture, and use what you currently have as a bit of inspiration. This is hard to accomplish with too many of your personal items laying around. Minimal pictures on the walls will keep the home human and family friendly but also not be too overbearing.

Flowers and plants are semi-personal, but can add life and warmth to a room.

Declutter, rearrange and neutralize

Nothing is worse for a seller than having a dirty home. Keeping your house clean and organized will improve the appeal of your home to a buyer. Check out another one of our blog posts here, Spring Cleaning. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that the room flows and the walk way is clear. Less is more during open houses when it comes to furniture.

Keeping the necessities and storing the extras will also help in the final packing and moving stages (plus side!) Having colorful rooms is wonderful but not for selling a home. Paint walls in neutral or calm colors, even just freshening up walls will make the home seem fresh and new.

It is important not to overlook the garage, shed or any other out-buildings. These should also follow the declutter, rearrange and neutralize rules. Any hint of pets should be hidden as best as possible. If it is viable taking pets out of the home during showings is also a plus.

Ambiance, Ambiance, Ambiance

Now that the rooms are decluttered and the walls are painted, it is time for creating a good mood. Homes that smell amazing, and seem airy and fresh will sell better. This may seem cheesy but baking some cookies right before a showing will leave the house smelling great (just don’t burn them!).

Lighting should be considered as well. Replacing dull light bulbs and checking all rooms for dimly lit areas will keep the home warm and light. Artificial lighting is not the only type to brighten a home, open blinds and keep windows clean.

Highlight the best or most unique part of your home, show the potential next owners what the best part of the home is. Your type of home also is important to consider, a large home with many rooms will most likely go to a family so highlight the ‘kid friendly parts’.

Curb Appeal

The inside of the home is finished, but you have to get people inside before they can see the work you have done. When the realtor pulls up to your home with potential buyers, their first impression will be what they see from the curb. Sprucing up your yard is a necessity. Mowing, trimming and cleaning the exterior of your home and yard will leave a great first impression and leave the potential buyers wanting to see more.

As with the inside, make sure the paint looks fresh and clean. You want your house to leave an impression so make sure the house numbers are visible. Pull in trash bins and put any kids toys away. If you know a showing is happening, speak to your neighbors about also keeping up their curb appeal. A first impression can make or break a sale.


Staging your home, and leaving a lasting impression, is vital in the home selling process. Removing the majority of personal items will help enable the potential buyers to envision their own items in the home. Be wary of removing all items that make your house a home, this can cause it to seem overly sterile and unwelcoming.

Cleanliness is key when letting strangers into your home and wanting them to feel at home. Baking cookies before a showing may seem straight from the movies but it creates a smell that no one can resist. Curb appeal isn’t just a catchy name for an HGTV show, but an important ideal for selling a home.

Keep in mind who your house is catering to and highlight those areas that will most appeal to them. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so make sure that part of your staging is off the charts.

Want help on planning staging ahead of selling?

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