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Best Nightlife Attractions in Greeley Colorado

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When moving to a new city there are many important aspects every buyer should look at. Schools, job availability and activities of all kinds. Nightlife and activities are important for enjoying where you live. If you already live in the area and are just moving to a new home, you already know these but it is important to brush up.

Nightlife is vital when moving to a new city, socializing makes the transition to a new city easier. As a young college student I do not have a ton of going out experience, so I called in the big guns, my friends and co-workers. Together we came up with the best places in these five categories.

  • The Eateries
  • The Bars
  • Breweries
  • The Music Scene
  • Family Friendly

What are the best eateries in Northern Colorado?

To start off the night out, eating is a must. A personal favorite to kick off a Thursday night, is The Rio for the margaritas. Stuft Burger Bar is another great and very unique place to eat downtown. Looking for more of a sit down? Try the Greeley Chophouse or Cranford Cove Tea Tavern. For a lighter meal of sandwiches, soups and salads, Mad Cow Saloon and Eatery. (No actual diseases will be passed here, the Mad Cow is just mad with fun and flavor!)

Greeley is full of a variety of cultures, and they all have brought their ‘A’ game to the table. There is a restaurant here for every craving. Here is a great site with all the places you can eat, Zomato. Trying new places is great for a sense of adventure and exploring your city.

What are the best bars in Northern Colorado?

There are bars for every occasion. For the young and restless, the young at heart and those just looking go out for a drink or adventure.

For the younger crowd or those wanting a louder and more social night out, the best bars to go to are The Box, Bears, and Grabos. The Jager, which is underneath the Box, is both a bar and pizzeria, and has karaoke on Thursday. On Wednesday nights there is a Bar (Bear) crawl. Bears also has country dancing so it also appeals to the older crowd as well.

For those looking for less of the college night out, Patrick’s Irish Pub is a great place to go. Pitchers also is low-key but fun. For those feeling a little adventurous, nostalgic for prohibition and rebellious, there is a speakeasy, the 1908.

What are the best breweries in Northern Colorado

WeldWerks Brewery is locally owned and run. Located in downtown Greeley, this is a great place for those with a finer taste or just wanted to become a connoisseur. Brix Taphouse and Brewery is also located in downtown historic Greeley. With a combination of original brews and Colorado favorites.

If wine is what you fancy, check out Bijiou Creek Winery. Made locally but with Colorado, California, Washington and New Mexico grapes, there is a unique variety for all tastes and desires!

What is the music scene like in Northern Colorado?

Many of the bars downtown, like the Jager, Patrick’s, and then Cranford Cove Tea Tavern have live music on certain nights. The Moxi Theater has bands every weekend and is a great place for music and dancing. For those that have a two-step and boots fever, Cactus Canyon is the place to go.

During the summer there is always a larger music scene. From the Stampedes concerts to Friday Fest in the park, there is not a lack of music to go around.

What family friendly events are in Northern Colorado?

Even though Nightlife is usually thought of for adults, sometimes kids need to have some good clean night fun. Greeley has Friday Fest downtown and is fun for all the kids. Friday Fest has music, foods, and plenty of festivities for the kiddos.

There are parts of downtown that are family friendly, but I would recommend taking them out to the restaurants and the downtown scene during the week. The weekends get a little more packed with the adult crowd. Besides Friday Fest where they set up specific activities for kids versus adults.


Social lives are important and when new to an area, going out is the best way to meet new people. There is plenty to do in Greeley, all depends on what type of crowd you want to be around. There is enough to do here that you can try something new every weekend and never get bored!

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