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Should I Buy a New or Existing Home in Greeley Colorado?

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There are so many questions and options when considering moving. Where to, to buy or not to buy, building your own, just to name a few. The newer fad is model home communities, where you can have a brand new home that has cookie cutter options and you can pick the upgrades. Here are some model communities by DR Horton in Northern Colorado.

Or you can design the entire place yourself. Buying a preexisting home may seem like a quicker process and there could be a house out there with exactly what you need. Everything really comes down to cost and reality. Will you be moving again in five years… then you probably shouldn’t build a brand new home. But if you are here to stay, why not build your dream home! Walk-in closets in every room… heck yes. The choice is yours but here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Costs
  • Time
  • Materials
  • Neighborhood

Below are the pros and cons for each of these major topics.

The pros and cons of building your own home are a compilation of my own knowledge and opinions and a great article over at Homes.com.

Costs of buying a new home

Pros- longer term investment and savings, new appliances have good warranties and less repairs. Long-term investment that will be worth it depending on your situation. Many new home builders also offer excellent incentives to buy a home that may help with upgrades, down payments, and financing.

Cons- time is money and it will take many months to build a custom home, and every upgrade and feature will cost you. There will be more upfront costs. Some home builders include common options in their base pricing; however, many other builders charge upgrade fees for just about everything, including many things people consider basic.

Be wary of the sticker price and expect to pay more to get the house just the way you want it. Lennar is a great example of a builder that offers a “Everything’s Included” plan. You get a great, stylish home without paying for numerous extras. Lennar has some fantastic homes in Windsor Colorado you can see.

Time to buy and build a new home

Pro- While you are trying to sell your current home or whatever the case may be, you know you will have a home waiting for you on the other side. Compared to when buying a preexisting home and having the market constantly change and having competitors.

Cons- Building takes time, steps have to be taken and there is an order to everything. This project could take months up to a year and it all depends on the area you are in, weather and how many other houses are being built in an area. If you are selling your existing home, you will have an idea of when your next home will be ready, but delays or challenges in selling your home can cause stress. If there are issues with timing, a good real estate agent and lender team can ensure your housing situation and loan aren’t risked.

Modern materials and technology in home building

Pros- Newest technologies and helping with the cost, most of these materials are energy efficient and a major plus these new materials have fewer health hazards, no asbestos, radon etc. You’ll be up to the latest standards, have warranties, and homes that are ready for today’s technology.

Cons- This will cost more at the beginning but will save money in the long run. Shop around for the best deals and talk to your local home improvement stores to figure out the best materials for you to use. Additionally, with pre-built homes, you can get a good idea of the quality of materials based on how well the house has aged. Older homes have already settled, therefore you also won’t have to worry about driveway, foundation, and other issues as much. When it comes to a newer home, a great real estate agent can help monitor the construction process and provide additional insight into the quality of construction and catch issues before they become trouble.

New construction neighborhoods

Pros- You might be buying a plot of land first, so your neighbors will not be as close as preexisting homes, however this depends largely on how the neighborhood is plotted. The model communities and newly established neighborhoods typically have homeowner associations and community amenities. New neighborhoods are often planned to be beautiful and accessible.

Cons- You will be neighbors with construction workers for a while and landscaping will be less than desirable. The neighborhood can be a work in progress for quite some time. This means it may be loud. Hearing the sounds of construction can be surprisingly loud and even stressful for your pets. Depending on the plans of the neighborhood, this can go on for years. You may also deal with dirty roads and the occasional nail in your tire.

Conclusion and My Opinion

The biggest pro to building your own home is that it truly will be “your” home. If you are starting from scratch then you get to customize everything to your family’s needs. If you are starting from a model home they will have many layout options and different upgrades, but you’ll be able to get it at a better price.

Though I am just a college student, I have experienced living in a construction zone a few times. When I was younger, my parents finished our basement and so we spent three months with a few contractors in and out of our home. We also had family members who helped build the basement. It was not a huge inconvenience to us because we did not really use the basement beforehand.

On the other hand this past year the apartment I was living in was undergoing construction for a month or so. The construction was much needed, yet an inconvenience for sure. I lived in a cloud of sawdust, loud noises and lived off of microwave only food. While you most likely won’t be living in your home while it is being built (at least for the majority of the building process), there is a chance you could move into a place when the last few touches are being put on. If you purchase a preexisting home you may have to repair or finish parts of the home. This could end up like either one of my experiences.

The Reality of Buying a New Construction Home

No matter how many pro/con lists you look at or how many people you talk to, ultimately it is up to you and your gut. Your choice should be made while considering the financial obligations and the longevity of your time in the city you are looking at. It makes little sense to build a brand new home if your job requires you to move every couple of months. It also is silly to build a big home for your however many kids if you a only a few years away from being an empty nester. Timing is everything, so consider how long you tentatively plan on staying there. There is no right or wrong choice … shop your options with a real estate agent and follow you gut.

Should you Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Construction Home?

As mentioned throughout this article, there are many benefits a real estate agent can provide you through the new home purchase process. Activities include helping with the legal contracts, selling your existing home, monitoring the new construction process, coordinating with lending, and more.

You do, however, have the option of walking into a new construction sales office, signing a contract by yourself, and then being represented by the home builder through the process.

Given that this will likely be the largest purchase of your life, I cannot recommend using a real estate agent enough. A real estate agent will not cost you any money. In fact, builders are more than happy to pay agents for bringing customers to them. It’s a win-win.

Additionally, real estate agents can help you shop and compare existing homes and new homes, helping you feel confident in your choice.

There is one important thing to know- if you go to a sales office by yourself and sign a contract, you will likely not be able to bring a real estate in later to represent you. We have had numerous people contact us because they want help understanding their options and the contracts. Unfortunately, many times this is not possible unless you have been represented by an agent from the start.

How do I find new homes to shop?

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