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Greeley Downtown 2.0 – The Changes Coming to Greeley

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Greeley is an old farming town founded in 1869, but has always kept up with the times. From getting electric lights and automobiles of old to revitalizing and renovating today. The Greeley community puts a large emphasis on keeping the balance of history with that of modernization.

Downtown is the epicenter of original Greeley and where the nightlife takes place. The buildings of downtown may be older but they are are being revitalized and the curb appeal is being beautified. Here is a breakdown of what is happening and what is to come.

  • Historic Preservation
  • Beautification
  • Architectural Assistance
  • Experience

Historic Preservation – Greeley Downtown 2.0

With a rich history like Greeley has it is important to preserve it for generations to come. Check out another blog post Greeley History, to learn a bit more about this towns interesting past. Maintaining and bring back the past is important, especially in the hub of a city. Downtown is where a lot of the happenings of Greeley take place so the City of Greeley and its Board members have made it a priority to revamp the area. I like to call it Greeley Downtown 2.0. Though Greeley is getting beautified, spruced up and remodeled, it will be keeping the essence of what we were when it was first founded.

Keep a look out for some older buildings getting a face lift, and even some new buildings built in time accurate fashions. If you are a history buff and want to check out the ages of some buildings, visit the town Registry.

Beautification of Downtown Greeley

An important part of every city is keeping it clean and beautiful. Just by adding a few things here and redoing a few things there, downtown is starting to sparkle. There have been some major additions, such as adding new pieces and artists to art  alley, 8th and 9th Street Plazas. Planters to add a colorful spark to the streets. Twinkling lights are not just for Christmas anymore, lights have been added to 50 trees to make the nights in Downtown a little more magical.

Not only are there real trees on every street but now there are unique tree sculptures on every corner… there is even a Who Tree! These trees bring in community, the arts and culture to downtown.

Architectural Assistance Available in Downtime Greeley

In order to maintain a seamless look downtown, an effort has been made to help owners with maintaining and improving the historic look of the buildings. In the past some owners have made improvements to buildings that did not hold true to the historic roots of the area. This new alliance helps repair the buildings and a new historic charm. This alliance helps with the accuracy and the costs of restoring buildings to their former glory.

Maintaining a rich and accurate look to downtown will improve the experience and popularity of the area. Bringing more of a crowd to downtown will help the small businesses and expand the night life in Greeley Colorado.

Experience of Downtown Greeley

On top of the additions to preexisting buildings, a few new ones are also being built. Greeley and the surrounding areas are ever expanding and there is always something going on. To help keep business local a few new hotels have been built in the area and more buildings are being expanded.

When most people think of downtown they think of the center of the past. But just because something is old, doesn’t mean it can’t have a new flare and shine to it. By renovating the buildings to look like they originally did and by sprucing up downtown, a new and exciting experience is being added.


With the beautification project and the constant task of improving curb appeal, just walking downtown has become an experience within itself. Add in the historic preservation and Greeley has hit the trifecta. Nothing is more important to a smaller community than its downtown. From the history, to the mom and pop businesses, Downtown Greeley is becoming a hot spot for people of all ages. Greeley’s downtown is getting a makeover, so check it out!

What do you guys think? Are you excited about Greeley Downtown 2.0?

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