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7 Tips for Decorating Your Home

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The best part of buying a new home is the ability to decorate on a new canvas. Many new home owners like to bring in some new pieces to liven up the place. Some movers also get rid of old furniture and decorations so help them start over at the new home.

I prefer to mix a little old with some new. Adding in a new big piece as a focal point or to tie all the older small items together.

There are many things to consider when decorating, colors, themes, arrangements of furniture. I have put together some items to consider in the endeavor you are about to partake in.

  • Plan Before you Start
  • Keep Selling in Mind
  • Places to Shop
  • Themed
  • Color!
  • Add a Little Life
  • DIY

1. Plan before you Start

The worst thing to happen while redecorating is to have a change of heart in the middle of the process. Have some sort of plan before beginning the overhaul. Pick out the colors, themes, and leave room for change or error. Do some shopping around for the best price.

Another hiccup you will want to avoid is having discrepancies between you and your spouse over the color or the theme or the placement of certain items. Decorating can test your ability to compromise!

2. Start with Your Home in Mind

With home decorating, you want to design to your unique personality. But most people end up staying in their home for an average of only 6 years.

With this in mind, assume you won’t stay in your home forever and decorate in a way that can either be easily undone or will be neutral enough to not impact your ability to sell the home.

And while you might think it won’t be a big deal to paint over bright pink and navy blue walls before you sell your home, it can be more work than you think! And having very unique built-in decorations or paint can definitely impact the marketability of your home.

3. Places to Shop for Decorations in Northern Colorado

Now that you have made a plan and designed your dream home, it is time to go shopping! There are some great places here in NoCo to get affordable and chic items.

For the painting supplies, ACE, Lowes or Home Depot will be the best bet.

Some great places to go for furniture and décor will be @Home, JCPenney, or even local boutiques. IKEA is in Denver and is all the rage, if you can follow directions and are feeling ambitious.

4. Themes Simplify Decorating Choices

Having rooms with subtle themes is the best way to go. A typical ocean theme bathroom or rustic bedroom can be fun, but don’t be afraid to get a little out there, just remember simple is better. Keep the themes classy and more simple, with one big piece and some smaller items. Or keep the theme to wall art only.

Personally, I love a good Harry Potter theme house, and you can see how to keep it simple and classy here.  Just remember to not go too overboard with any theme, or color. This is your home but you don’t want to scare people away when they come over!

Pinterest is the best place to go for theme ideas, sites, for online shopping, and tips.

5. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Adding a little bit of color can be simple, inexpensive, yet powerful. Having calmer tones in the home is a good choice but by throwing in a bright blanket, painting the back wall of a shelving unit or a patterned/colored item of furniture will add some personality to a room.

When painting, check out these painting tips to lessen the headache. A major key, especially with brighter colors, is to buy enough cans right away and mix them all before starting to make sure there is no inconsistency between cans.

Throwing in a chalkboard wall in the kitchen or children’s play room is also fun and convenient. Be wary with the chalkboard paint… kids may try to start drawing on all the walls.

6. Add a Little Life to Your Decorating Style

Do not get so stuck on a theme or being magazine perfect that you forget to add life or personality or family to the home. Keep family photos hung anywhere and everywhere, both old and new ones. Being too pristine or picture perfect will make a home look too sterile.

Flowers and plants aren’t for everyone, but should be a part of every home. If you do not have a green thumb, add some realistic looking faux greenery.

7. Do it Yourself for Budget and Personality

Show your creative side and help save the planet by refurbishing, recycling, and giving new life to old items. DIY is a good way to make your home completely yours and make your guests a little jealous of your mad hot glue gun skills. HGTV has great shows and tips on their website for making your DIY project a little more newbie friendly. Pinterest perfect DIY tips from HGTV will help you get started.


Whether you are buying a new home or just revamping your current home, decorating doesn’t have to be a dread. Decorating is a great way to make a home look picture perfect and put together.

Keeping it simple is the best policy, but also remember to add a little flare and personality. They say Home is Where the Heart Is, and when you decorate with your own style and even DIY accents, a home becomes more of your heart.

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