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Top 12 Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

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We all know that buying a home is an exciting event that deserves to be celebrated, and that is where housewarming parties come in. So I scoured the interwebs for some unique and practical gifts that any new homeowner would be excited to decorate and use in their new home! In this list, you will find 12 neat and useful gifts. Housewarming gifts are about bringing personal items into a house to help it feel like a home.

1. Throw Blanket from Pottery Barn, $39.00


Throws come in handy for our cold Colorado winters, and you can add personalization as well.                                   Find it on the Pottery Barn website here!

2. Etched Glass Water Bottle, $18.98+


Water bottles are always a great gift because they are practical. These are 12.8 oz water bottles that come in unique hand-etched designs.  Find them here at Etsy!

3. Candles Made Out of Recycled Wine Bottles, $10.95


Houses are always in need of candles. In my opinion, you can never have enough. These are wine scented and made from recycled wine bottles. Find them here on the Etsy website!

4. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $27.99


Portable speakers have replaced bulky stereos in homes, making this a housewarming essential. I love using mine in the kitchen while cooking. Get it here on Amazon!

5. When in Doubt Bring Wine, Lots of Wine, $8.00-39.00


Wine is an easy and perfect gift for housewarming parties. You can check out a crazy amount of wines and have them shipped to you through wine.com. Check out the website here!

6. Picture Frames from Wayfair, $15.00


The difference between a house and a home are the memories that you fill it with, and picture frames help do that! This is an easy and inexpensive gift that will definitely be used. Find these frames from Wayfair here!

7. Fruit Infusion Pitcher, $19.99


This pitcher is from Target and allows you to infuse your water with all kinds of fruits, and at 19.99 it makes for an inexpensive gift. Find the pitcher here!

8. Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, $49.99


This is a perfect gift to help combat our extremely dry Colorado weather. I would consider this is a home essential. These are also nice in the dry summer air to help keep certain areas of the home cool. Check it out at Target here!

9. Engraved Cutting Board, $28.00+


Personalize with the family’s name and move in date! Any new homeowner would be thrilled to have such a personal gift to add to their home. Check it out here at Etsy!

10. Funny Kitchen Towels, $9.99+


Who can have too any kitchen towels? No one. These are inexpensive and make for a great housewarming gift. Find them here on Etsy!

11. Money Tree with Ceramic Vase, $39.00


Money trees are intended to bring well wishes and good fortune to homeowners and recipients alike. Find one here!

12. Welcome Mat, $19.95


Last but not least, no home is complete without a cute welcome mat! Make sure the new homeowners have one of these for their entry! Find it here on Amazon!


If you’ve recently bought a home or know someone who has, you know what a monumental, exciting, and emotional event it is! Make sure to celebrate it with something personal and memorable.

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