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Why Greeley is a Great Place to Live

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Having grown up in the small town of Greeley, I never understood the stigmas that were associated with it. When I would strike up a conversation with someone and say I was from Greeley Colorado, they would assume I would have a backwoods country accent and carry my cowboy boots with me, you know, just in case!

Or my favorite reaction, “I saw that town on Southpark, it’s the exact opposite of Hawaii!!!”

Well, let me tell you, Greeley has come along way over the past few years. It has grown to be the 12th most populated city in Colorado with a population of about 100,000. New homes and businesses are popping up all over the place. Granted, when you hear about Colorado, the town of Greeley probably does not come up, but for me, that adds to its appeal.

I love Greeley for exactly four reasons:

  1. It is nestled in the perfect location.
  2. It has a small town feel…but with a lot to do.
  3. It has a sense of community you don’t find very often.
  4. And it is an affordable city to live in.

1. Location, location, location!!! Greeley, Colorado has it.

Greeley is situated in the perfect place to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. The town is within an hours drive of everything you could ever need! It is less than an hour away from the heart of bustling downtown Denver and the Denver International Airport, a thirty-minute drive from the popular and trendy bars of Fort Collins, and about a forty minute drive from the mountains.

The location is nestled between the seasonal rivers Platte and Big Thompson. This prime location that is close to the big city and mountains has caught the attention of people looking for a change.1024px-South_Platte_River

Best of all for someone who is constantly challenged with navigation and directions like me, Greeley is easy to navigate unlike Denver or Fort Collins since the road system is set up on a grid pattern. In case you have never noticed, the Streets go East and West and the Avenues go North and South, and go up in order.

2. Small Town Feel…but with Lots to Do!

What makes a city or town great? Things to keep you busy right? Greeley is full of places to go and things to do (just check out our weekly blog post about things to do here). Granted there is a lot more things to do and places to go than when I grew up here, but without growth Greeley would not be thriving the way it is now. It has become more popular than ever since Colorado has blown up as the place to be.

Greeley houses copious amounts of parks like Sanborn, Bittersweet, along with historical homes, and easy access to the local College; The University of Northern Colorado that is known for its business and teaching programs.


We also have an amazing variety of restaurants, because to me if the food isn’t good there is no point in sticking around. Some of my favorites are The Rio,  Sushi One, Alberto’s (known for their breakfast burritos), and Rumi’s House of Kababs.

3. A Genuine Sense of Community in Greeley

When driving down the back roads of Greeley, it is not uncommon to get a friendly wave from people. Every day during the summer on my way home, I pass the yellow house at 4:30 on the dot, and every day there is a man watering his lawn that waves to me. I have never met him, nor do I know his name, but he still takes the time to be friendly and wave.


That is what I love about this town. Even though it has grown exponentially, it still has that hometown feel. People here are quick to throw out a wave or an inviting smile.

It is hard not to feel at home in a community like this. It is just in a Coloradoan’s nature. In addition, we have many diverse and unique cultures that call Greeley home. This brings a different sense to the word community. By having a diverse culture here, it allows for the citizens to enjoy all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

4. Affordability

Maybe this is just the broke college kid in me, but the older I get the more I learn to appreciate the affordability of things and the town I choose to live in is no different.

Unlike its counterparts like Denver, Aspen, and Fort Collins, Greeley not only has one of the most affordable housing markets, its overall livability is what makes it an outstanding choice. Unlike the million dollar medium house prices in Aspen, or the 600,000 dollar medium in Denver, Greeley has a reasonable 250,000 dollar home median price. Homes are not the only thing that is affordable either.


The University of Northern Colorado tuition is as well, along with everyday living expenses. Greeley offers the best of both worlds, being able to live comfortably in the state of Colorado. Which lately has become harder and harder for individuals.


No matter where you decide to live, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to feel at home in the city you choose. For me, Greeley is just that. When I think of the place that I am most comfortable, I think of Greeley. I have lived all over and time and time again I am always happy to come home to Greeley.

It has always been a place that I can find solitude after spending busy weeks in the concrete jungle of Denver or the fast pace party lifestyle of Fort Collins. I am confident that no matter how much this town grows that it will always feel like home to me.

What’s your favorite part of Greeley?


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