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How to Buy a House in a Hot Market Without Risking Your Equity

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Many home owners in Colorado have watched the price of their home skyrocket in value over the last few years. Appreciation over $100,000 is common. Many of us would like to sell to lock that gain in, but are worried about buying a home now. If you buy, will you be buying at the top?

Refinancing isn’t always the best answer. Sure, you can get cash out, but now you have a giant mortgage. And if we are indeed in a bubble and your house price goes down, you have a recipe to be upside in your loan.

There is another option…

And it’s literally Options…just like the stock market has options, so does real estate. Specifically, you can get into a home with a Lease with Option to Buy.

Cashing out your home’s appreciation

In most cases, if you’ve lived in your home for 2 years or more, you can sell your home and take the profit tax free. Wow! (Of course, some unique situations change this, so talk to your tax person.)

In fact, a friend bought a home 3 years ago for $282,000 and just sold it for $445,000. He did not update or upgrade the house, he just bought in a good market (near Denver) at a great time. That’s access to $163,000 he didn’t have before.

But if I sell, what then? What do I buy?

The problem on a lot of people’s minds is: well if I sell, I have to turn around and buy a house. Am I buying at a peak?

It’s true that housing prices have been hot. And it’s true housing prices go up and down.

With fluctuations aside…if you look at the big picture…real estate has trended up very consistently over the years.

Some factors for prices to continue going up…

  1. The government can print more money, but it can’t print more land.
  2. There’s a massive influx of people into Colorado that is projected to continue.
  3. Homebuilders would need to make about 67,000 new homes…just in Denver…to keep up with demand.
  4. Experts foresee prices in Northern Colorado to double in the next 10 years. Read more here in “Will Home Prices Continue Up?
  5. It’s also our prediction that home prices will continue their strong trend up for at least the next two years.

All of this coupled with numerous home-buyer incentives and rock-bottom interest rates means buying a home isn’t as expensive right now as most people think.

But there is still a great way to capture your money and wait…

The alternative to buying a home during a peak

If you sell your house to capture your appreciation and put some serious money in the bank, there’s another option.

You don’t have to buy.

We have a very special Lease with Option to Purchase program.

In this program, you shop regular houses that are for sale. A company buys the home for you, and you lease it back from them.

As part of the lease agreement, you agree on a price to optionally buy the home 1 year from now.

If prices go up , you’re still able to buy the home at today’s price and lock in instant equity.

If prices go down ↓, you can continue leasing it or go buy something else.

Lease with option to purchase

This Lease with Option to Purchase program is very attractive for many people wanting to capitalize on the value increase of their home.

In fact, we’ve helped 30 families this year with the program, many of whom have moved into higher-end and luxury homes.

They’ve hedged their financial position by leasing, locking in a price now, and waiting to see what happens. If prices go up, awesome. If not, no risk.

Interested in learning more?

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