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Top 5 Activities in Northern Colorado This Week- Oct 11th Edition

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I must have been feeling creative this week. All of the events this week center around the arts! It is good to nurture your inner artist sometimes. They say that people who practice some type of art whether it be music, woodworking, ceramics, or painting have better brain function than those who don’t. So in the name of science get out there and create something!

1. Pumpkin 3 Ways in Fort Collins


Every year I look forward to the fall for one primary reason… pumpkin seeds! As a kid, my dad would urge us to keep the seeds so he could roast them. That guy has a talent for making some delicious roasted pumpkin seeds. But in addition to that, you can do much more with pumpkin! This class shows you different pumpkin recipes as well as lets you prepare your own pumpkin inspired dish. This sounds like so much fun. Sign me up! Grab your tickets here! The class is $25 per person.

  • Happening: Saturday, October 15
  • When: 1:30 PM  –  3:30 PM
  • Where: Gardens on Spring Creek, 2145 South Centre Ave, Fort Collins, CO

Click here to learn more about the class and what the garden offers!

2. Intro to DSLR Photography in Fort Collins


Photography is a tricky art form, but once you understand the technology you are working with, nothing but magic happens! This class is devoted to helping you through understanding the complicated DSLR! I recommend anyone who has even the vaguest interest in photography to take advantage of this class. Maybe it will help to spark some inspiration for a talent you didn’t event know you had! That’s what happened to me! Since I took a photography class I gained the much-needed knowledge to get my photographs published. You could do the same!

  • Happening: Thursday, October 13th
  • When: 7 PM – 9 PM
  • Where: Old Town Photo Studio, 221 Jefferson St, Fort Collins, CO

Click here to find out more about the studio and photography classes being offered!

3. Paint with a Purpose Benefit Night


“Who loves painting and wine?! Come support AAAR while enjoying a fun evening with your friends or family. Painting With a Twist is hosting a benefit night for us Thursday, October 13th where you can come paint, sip on a cocktail and support dogs in need! Get your tickets now and don’t forget to share with your friends.” –Paint With A Twist

  • Happening: Thursday, October 13th
  • When: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Where: Painting with a Twist, 1112 Oakridge Dr, # 107, Fort Collins, CO

Click here to grab tickets for the Paint with a Purpose Benefit Night 

4. Mala Making Project in Fort Collins


“In this workshop, we will guide you in the creation of your own mala. Afterward, we will lead a Japa Mala meditation using your new mala. If you have any special beads at home that you would like to incorporate please feel free to bring them!” —Holistic Yoga School

  • Happening: Wednesday, October 12th
  • When: 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Where: Holistic Yoga School & Studio, 706 E Stuart St, Fort Collins, CO

Click here to get your tickets and more information on mala making!

5. Colorado’s Nature with Naturalist Kevin Cook in Greeley


This event is called “On the Wing: Everything about Birds and Birding.” This event will highlight what we all love about Colorado; it’s beautiful nature and wildlife. This is a good event to bring little ones to that have an interest in the outdoors.

Our library offers all kinds of great classes and opportunities to learn new things! So check it out. Who knows, you might learn something new.

  • Happening: Thursday, October 13th
  • When: 12 PM – 1:30 PM
  • Where: Farr Regional Library, 1939 61st Ave, Greeley, CO

Click here to see more events from Farr Library and get more info about this event!


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