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Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets

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When looking for a house, often people gravitate towards the kitchen. What’s not to love? It is a place where everyone congregates, and it involves food, my favorite!

Many people say, “We want a big kitchen, with lots of room to cook.”  But what good is a new kitchen without some nifty kitchen gadgets to go along with it!

So I scoured the ever handy land of Amazon to find the best and most needed kitchen gadgets of 2016! Check them out below!

1. Jenaluca Herb Scissors, $20.00


These are ideal for those of you who like to use fresh herbs. During the summer we have a huge herb garden full of everything from basil to dill, and I know first hand that dicing herbs can be messy. These Jenaluca Herb Scissors come in handy for those who want the make chopping and dicing herbs a little bit easier. Click here to get them!

2. Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, $14.69


Cooking is a science. Everything has to be measured to complete certainty. As for me, I have never liked nor have I ever been good at measuring things out. I am more of an eyeball it type of person. This device helps you become an expert and get precise measurements and amounts. Click here to get it!

3. Wine Saver Pump with 2 x Vacuum Bottle Stoppers, $13.35


My family is big wine drinkers, and nothing is worse than wasting a half of bottle of wine! Nothing! There are tons of wine stoppers and preservers out there but this one, in my opinion, is one of the best. It uses air to create a vacuum tight seal to keep the wine fresh. Click here to get it!

4. Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Ladles, $15.99


I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist these! They come in all sorts of sizes and uses. They have a colander, tea infuser, and ladle. I am definitely buying every person on my Christmas list one of these. Who doesn’t want a cute little Loch Ness Monster guarding their soups! Click here to grab them!

5. Vegetable Scrubber Brushes, $10.25


These little things come in handy all around the kitchen. They are a cheap and reusable multi-use tool. From scrubbing fruits and veggies to helping you open the really tough to open ketchup jar they are pretty necessary tools around the kitchen. A plus is that they are dishwasher safe! Click here to get them! 

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