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10 Tips for Staying Sane This School Year (part 2)

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Okay, those first five were a great warm-up. Right? You’ve gotten your feet wet. This school year doesn’t seem so daunting. Ready for the next five tips? Or do you want to have another go at the first five?

Designate specific areas that are strictly for school related items.

You can keep the house organized by having designated areas for EVERYTHING.

Again, IHeart Organizing has killed it with her entry way storage for keeping backpacks, lunchboxes, charging items and shoes completely organized. This will cut down on your stress–their items will be in the same spot every time!


If you’re really good, you can event get your pantry and refrigerator set up so the kids can easily grab what they want for their lunches. Cutting down the time on lunch making is sure to help you get out the door on time. 

Bonus tip: Here’s a FREE lunch printable!

Setup a quiet homework area.

In my house, the key to getting homework done is always to have the kiddos do homework in a space that is quiet and distraction free. In this area, it’s a good idea to keep the homework caddy. Yep, there it is…I told you we would get to the homework caddy!

Meal plan.

Remember how we talked about prepping one day a week for all your meals? This is why. Meal planning for meals will save you time (and money!) at the store. Also, it stops the nightly question of, “What’s for dinner?”

This is also great for planning out school lunches and even breakfast and snacks!

Find a home for all their masterpieces.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of school projects that come home–coloring sheets, paintings, three dimensional projects–there’s an infinite supply of art projects. What do you do with all of the art projects?

Here’s a filing system that you can create for each child. It will hold everything your little ones create from kindergarten through high school. I like that it can be personalized for each kiddo and there’s a space for their picture for that grade.

Stay organized!

My last tip? Once you’re organized, stay organized! It is so hard to keep re-organizing yourself. Organization is habit and can take some time to nail down, but it can be a team effort for you and your kids. Cutting the stress out for you and your kids can really make a difference.

If you try or have tried any of these tips, let us know! Which tip are you going to implement first?

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