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How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter in Colorado

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Fall is the perfect time of year to get your home ready for winter. As most of us Coloradoans know, the weather can be a little fickle. However, there is one constant that is always the same: it’s COLD in Colorado during the winter time. Since the temperatures are still mild in the afternoons, these are the perfect times to get your yard and home ready for winter.

We have made a FREE printable checklist for you so you can work on these at your leisure!

Outside Home Maintenance

Roof: Hire a professional, or if you’re gutsy, check your roof for loose, damaged and missing shingles. Also, remove debris from gutters and downspouts ensuring proper water flow.

Yard Debris: Rake up all leaves, branches and other debris. Use for compost or dispose. Remove dead bushes and shrubs.

Lawn: Aerate, Fertilize and seed your yard–even the dead spots! Doing this will help your grass come back better in the Spring!

Lawn Equipment: Drain all gas and oil from your yard tools including your mower and weed trimmer.

Snow Tools: Have your snowblower serviced if you have one! Otherwise, make sure your snow shovel is in good condition.

Irrigation: Having your sprinklers blown out is inexpensive if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Removing all water from your pipes can help prevent the cracking and bursting of your pipes.

Faucets/Spigots: Remove all hoses from spigots and faucets. Wrap or insulate all exposed water pipes.

Inside Home Maintenance

Most importantly, check your furnace. Have your furnace serviced by a professional. Change your furnace filters. Wipe down air vents and registers. If you really want to go the extra mile, have your ducts cleaned (before you do any deep cleaning of your home!). Also, change your furnace filter. Check your owners manual for how often you should do this.

Ceiling Fan(s): When looking up at your fan, your fan should be rotating counter-clockwise to help force warm air down.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Every 6 months, the batteries need to be replaced. I try to do this on the days that Daylight Savings time starts and ends!

Fireplace: If you have a wood burning fireplace, be sure to clean or have your chimney cleaned once a year. Have a gas fireplace? Inspect or have the gas lines inspected. Also check to see if your logs need to be reset.

Windows: Check your windows for drafts. Notice a draft? Seal it with caulk or weather stripping.

Phew, just reading that wore me out. What’s on your maintenance list? Don’t forget, we created a FREE printable checklist for you!


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