The Ferguson Team provides a very cost-effective and accurate method to value homes. It is a service we provide to many top banks, lawyers, CPAs, and more.

What are Broker Price Opinions?

We provide Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) to financial institutions, asset management companies, lawyers, and CPAs. These documents provide professional analysis of the market value of a home, which is useful in many situations. The pricing is simple and affordable at $50 per valuation.

Here, you will find a table comparing BPOs to traditional appraisals and Comparative Market Analyses.

BPOs are commonly used in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and dispute situations.

The Ferguson Team Broker Price Opinions

My team has full-time dedicated staff that has been providing BPOs for the last 12 years. We have a highly refined system and are trusted by top names, such as Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Home Partners, and Realty Pilot. Be assured that we will provide accurate market value using the right methodologies.


The Ferguson Team has a network of contractors who can provide quick, quality repairs at a competitive price. If you or your client requires repairs to correct and improve the value of the home, we can provide resources as well.

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BPO Compared to CMA and Appraisal

BPO Compared to CMA and Appraisal


Broker Price Opinion Sample

Attached here is a sample Broker Price Opinion.

Broker Price Opinion Sample PDF

Broker Price Opinion Sample PDF

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