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Why Choose The Ferguson Team Real Estate Agents?

We understand that buying a home is generally the largest purchase of your life. You want a team to help guide you, provide you with the best resources, and ensure you receive the best deal.

The Ferguson Team is one of the top performing teams in Greeley Colorado. We serve the entire Northern Colorado area and have been in operation since 1978. Our team has a strong network of professionals, ensuring you have access to the best home buying incentives, grants, and much more.

Our systematic approach, in-depth expertise, and team focus will ensure you receive an outstanding experience.

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“I have had Realtors help me in the past with buying and selling but this is the first time I’ve ever had a Realtor go above and beyond anything I ever expected, as Justin has done. Justin has done so many important things, i.e., going to look at prospects and sending me videos of them via e-mail, handling communication with property managers and a prospective handyman, just generally keeping on top of every little thing, and so much more. His advice has been invaluable. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know looking for a home in northern CO and I plan to look him up when I am ready to sell as well.” -Michelle

“Mark did an excellent job in in all aspects of the Home buying process! We highly recommend using Mark. His knowledge and Expertise in the Northern Colorado Real Estate market was very helpful in making our purchasing decision.” -Russ

“My family has been buying and selling houses with Jim and Mark Ferguson since 1990. Overall we have bought and sold 15 different houses with the Ferguson team and they have always been the most honest, helpful, and knowledgeable about everything we had questions about. My last purchase was a big one for my family and we had with out a doubt no worries about the seller accepting my bid and having someone purchase my current home in a timely matter with the Ferguson team. I look forward to doing business with them for a long time in the future.” -Linda

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a real estate agent do for me as a home buyer?

Real estate agents perform many important functions in the home buying process. This includes helping you search for a home and ensuring you have prepared properly with financing. The real estate agent will take you to see homes and provide their expertise to understand the pros and cons of each home.

Once you find a home you like, the agent will help negotiate and write the offer. The agent will handle paperwork and milestones that follows to complete the transaction. This includes inspection, appraisal, walk-throughs, title work, and much more.

We will help you navigate from search to closing. Your agent is truly working in your best interests.

At what point should I decide on an agent?

You should interview and choose an agent as early in the buying process as possible. Rather than calling the “name on the sign” every time you want to see a place, interview a couple of agents up front and let them search houses and setup showings along with you. This makes your life easier and ensures there isn’t any confusion about commissions later in the process.

Further, having someone working directly for your benefit, rather than working for both you and the seller, helps ensure your interests come first.

Do I have to pay an agent to help me buy a house?

In almost all instances, the answer is NO. As part of listing a home for sale, the seller generally agrees to pay the buyer’s agent as well. This means you will have someone to work with you and they will be paid at closing by the seller.

When should I talk to a lender?

We recommend you talk to a mortgage lender as early as possible. They will let you know what price you can qualify for and what monthly payments would look like at different price points. This is important info to have as you begin looking!

Additionally, if you find a home you like, you are generally required to provide a pre-qualification letter along with your offer to purchase.

The Ferguson Team works closely with lenders and can provide recommendations if you’d like.

Do you have a special program for first-time home buyers?

Yes! There are many programs we bring together to ensure you receive every dollar available as a first-time home buyer. There are many incentives, grants, and other programs designed to help you get into a home. Make sure you work with a team that understands these deeply and partners with the #1 first-time home buyer lender in the state. Learn more here >>

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