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About Our Company

Rutherford Inc is associated with The Ferguson team. Rutherford Inc fixes many houses throughout Northern Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing homes that are renovated on the inside and out with all mechanical components in great condition. We also need to make a profit on our projects which means we have to find a delicate balance between great work and affordable work.

How to Be Considered

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Our Philosophy

We created this checklist to help the contractors who work with us know our values, what we look for, and what does not sit well with us. The more we are all on the same page, the more successful we can all be. Below are our priorities and what we look for in contractors before, during, and after a job is done.

1. We try to help our contractors as much as possible

We are a very hands on company. We do not hire a contractor, and wait for them to complete the job on their own with no help. We buy many of the materials for our projects using Home Depot managed pro account. We inspect properties at least once every two weeks, but usually more often. We help decide on kitchen designs, paint colors, floor choices, tile options, and much more. We want our contractors to focus on working to get the job done, not designs. In some cases we can even pay for supplies like saw blades, small tools, etc. if the contractor is honest about what he is buying and does a great job for us.

2. We need houses repaired quickly!

We fix and flip from 15 to 30 properties per year, plus have rentals that occasionally need work as well. One of the keys to completing so many projects is getting jobs done fast. We need contractors who can work quickly and finish jobs within the time they quote. The faster jobs are done the sooner we can sell houses, and buy more houses. The more houses we have, the more work we can give to our contractors. We understand that unknown repairs can make a job take longer than expected, but we expect the bidded work to be on schedule to be able to give our contractors more work. If a contractor is working on a couple projects at once, we need one house done as soon as possible so that we can market and sell it ASAP. It does us no good to have two houses finished at the same time when one could have been finished much sooner.

3. We pay quickly and fairly

We will pay our contractors partial payment upfront in some cases. We can also pay draws out as work is completed. We do not pay on a weekly basis or by the hour. This is not a regular job and we are not your employer. We expect significant work to be done before we issue draw payments. This should not be an issue since we pay for materials and when a valid payment is requested it can be picked up within 24 hours. We also are willing to pay bonuses for jobs completed on or before the mutually agreed upon finish date. We are not looking for jobs to be done in a week or even two, but we need medium sized rehabs done within a month. All houses are looked at on a case by case scenario. Since we are flipping houses we cannot pay top of the market prices for contractors. We also do not pay bottom of the barrel prices. We work with multiple contractors now who are happy with what we pay. If you are used to getting top dollar from home owners who do not know how much jobs costs, this may not be the right fit for you. If you do an awesome job for us, we can most likely give you as much work as you can handle. If for some reasons we do not have enough of our own rehabs, we are Real estate agents and know many other investors in the area who would have work for you.

4. We use subs get work done faster

We have many sub contractors we use for electrical, foundations, roofing, plumbing, cleaning, HVAC, and more. We like using subs because it speeds up the process and we have great relationships with many companies who give us great prices. Contractors are welcome to suggest their own subs they like working with or coordinate repairs with our subs.

5. We need to know of any changes ASAP!

We finance most of our projects which means the profit margins are not huge and time is money. If a project is going over budget or taking longer than quoted we need to know ASAP. We understand these things happen, but one of our pet peeves is continually being promised a job will be done in a week and having it take two more months. We also do not like it when we are surprised with higher invoices than what was approved. We make decisions on what to repair and how far to go based on bids. If those bids are not correct it causes us to lose money. We must have accurate bids and any overages for additional work need to be approved before the work is done.

6. We like to our houses to not only look nice, but work well too

Some flippers have a bad reputation for poor work. We are not one of those flippers. We want our houses to look nice and function well. We replace plumbing, electric, HAVC, etc. if it needs it or is not safe. We do not use expensive materials, but we also do not use bargain basement cheap materials. We do not put lipstick on a pig or hide material defects. We do not hire or work with contractors who do this either. We also do not expect every little detail to be absolutely perfect. These are not new homes and may have some cosmetic defects.

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